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So it's your baby's First Birthday? Where did that year go? Sleepless nights, coo's and giggles, Rolling over-sitting-crawling-walking, driving you nuts, then making your heart burst with happiness. It's been an entire year since you labored to bring this sweet baby into the world and you are both still alive and well! This is a huge milestone for you both! So celebrate in a way that will preserve them this way FOREVER!


Celebrate their first year birthday by smashing some cake! It's an experience. It could be great or it could be "interesting". They are officially toddlers at this point and beginning to show some serious personality! This can make for a super awesome session or a super interesting session. But no matter we will get them comfortable and happy at some point.

The theme can be as simple and classic to extremely styled!

The bakery and photographer work very closely to create a ONE OF A KIND smash experience for you and your little one!


There is NO LIMIT to what we can envision and create!

Cake smash sessions are themed based on what YOU want! All the cakes seen are custom made exclusively for YOU by Divine Design Wedding Cake & More located in north Peoria, IL. The theme and color scheme is your choice! If you don't know what to do for the theme I can assist you in coming up with an idea. Some parents just give me colors they like and I design the theme around that. All themes are custom to your child's experience!


To prepare for a Cake Smash you first need to book the session date & time. You do not want your child doing a cake smash in the afternoon and chance having a super sugar high well past their bedtime, so morning is usually best. Sugar effects all toddlers differently, better to have all day for it to wear off. I DO NOT order chocolate cake for my cake smashes because it can make the "high" much more intense and it is not pleasing to photograph. PLEASE DO NOT book your child's cake smash session at/around their nap time. If your child normally naps around 9ish then book it for noon to allow for a nap. You know your child better than I do. If you book your smash enough in advance I can accommodate earlier times like 8am.


Test out their love or hate to SMASH!

If your little one isn't a huge mess maker then I suggest a trial run. Set your little one on the kitchen floor and give them a tub of cool whip or pudding/yogurt and let them go to town. I've found allowing them to do this before the smash makes them a little more comfortable sitting on the ground trying to eat cake here with lights and a camera in their face.

Don't worry about all that cake everywhere! We take a warm bubble bath right in the studio after the smashing is over! Clean them up and get them ready for the rest of their session or to go home! The bubble bath is another way to get baby smiles and them playing in their element! If they love the tub they tend to love the bath!! Don't forget your towel and if your baby uses special bubble bath for skin issues please bring it. The studio uses Honest Company organic bubble bath which is great for sensitive skin!



Don't FORGET: Any outfits you may want him/her to wear after the smash, I have plenty of props but please feel free to bring your own outfits. Please bring a towel for after his/her bath! Don't forget your birthday outfits you'd like him/her to wear! I have everything you need just bring a baby ready to destroy some cake!

Most likely your child is teething like crazy! Low grade fevers, drooling, crankiness and mood swings are completely normal for this age. To assist in diminishing these symptoms, I ask that you consider giving your child a dose of Motrin or Tylenol an hour prior to the session.

If you child has never been to my studio before it's new, scary, and they may need a little bit to warm up. Please bring a few of your child's favorite items. I ask to bring favorite books, and or some favorite toys or stuffed animals, their favorite snack, and if they are using a pacifier/bottle AND snack!


During our session we will be playing dress up with your child. We begin the session with the cake smash! This way your child is ready to go and not exhausted from all the outfit changes by the time we get to the cake. Then we clean them up with a bubble bath (just a few inches of warm water is in the tub). Then they get all cleaned and then we get them dressed in some adorable outfits. *extended sessions after the smash and bath require a Full Session to be booked, otherwise only the Smash/Bath is included in the fee. Please review the pricing guide for more details!


Cake Smash sessions are fun, messy and a once in a lifetime opportunity. They only turn ONE once. Just like they are only a newborn for 2-3 short weeks! Capturing these memories frozen in time to live on with them forever and maybe torture them when they get into High School or even when they bring home their first serious boyfriend/girlfriend. It will always make you smile when you look at these memories. They aren't just Photos. They are living memories that you can share with everyone you know, look back at them when they are 5, 10, 15, of 30 and remember how the cake tasted, the "fit" they through when you smashed their hand into it, or how they peed all over the photographer because they were naked and enjoying it so very much! Stories they come along with photographs make the sessions worth every penny!


*Please NOTE* When contacting to book a spot the photographer is typically booked 2-3 weeks out from the current date. It could be more or less depending on the current workload but please plan accordingly. If you are looking to use images for invitations or presents please book your session in advance!


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